General Reflections About the Water Market

The human body ideally requires us to drink minimally two liters of water per day and people are more and more looking towards bottled water as a means of meeting some or all of these daily requirements. Bottled water is perceived as being safer and of better quality.

Bottled water consumption has been steadily growing in the world for the past 30 years. It is the most dynamic sector of all food and beverage industry: consumption in the world increases by an average 12% each year, in spite of its excessively high price compared to tap water.

The world bottled water market 2006 represents an annual volume of 89 billion liters, and is estimated to be worth US$ 22 billion. More than half (59%) of the bottled water drunk in the world is purified water, the remaining 41% being spring or mineral water. Some regions in the world are poor of natural resources and have to import drinking water.

The Middle East represents an enormous large and steadily increasing market for bottled water (in billion liters of bottled water sold per year):

"The United Arab Emirates is the largest consumer of potable water in the world with a consumer per capita consumption reaching 275 liters per year", according to Mr. Fasahat Beg, General Manager of Al Ain Mineral Water Company. (published in www.gulfnews.com)

Estimated 7.6 billion liters of bottled water will be sold in 2009 in the Middle East with a predicted yearly increase of consumption of more than 20%.

The local market of "Water Park Brazil" in South America represents without fruit juices or alcoholic drinks (e.g. beer) a market potential of approximately 16.1 billion liters in 2009.