Current Projects

According to confidentiality only a few of our investment projects can be presented publically. Further business opportunities will be presented on request in a personal meeting with one of our consultants.

Category Natural Resources / Water: Category Future Technologies:
  • Fast and eco-friendly detection of natural resources, specially oil, gas and water (detailed information on request)
  • Low-Energy Public Transport System (detailed information on request)
  • Alternative Method to Use Solar Energy equal or better in output but 70% cheaper than Silicium Technology (detailed information on request)
Category Valuable Commodities:

In order to evaluate proposals regarding the trading of valuable commodities any potential cooperation partner (later named “Business Partner”) is asked to provide the following basic information, of course with respect of the protection of the Seller´s / Buyer´s identity. Please note that this document will be the prerequisite for any activities by VIAPPIA. The information provided by the Business Partner will be legally binding.

Please use the following PDF-files: