Investment Focus

VIAPPIA, Vienna International Asset Project Property Investment Association, is focusing on a few, handpicked investment opportunities worldwide in future orientated markets and technologies.

Natural resources like oil, gas and drinking water have become the focus of our investment proposals. Future technologies especially in the field of renewable energies represent another emphasis.

A closer look at the future development of our natural resources, specially on water reserves, highlights the enormous market potential of drinking water as well as the necessity for a sustainable and global responsible use of this resource.

According to the World Water Development Report 2006, the poorest countries in terms of drinking water availability are:
  • Kuwait (where 10 m is available per person each year)
  • Gaza Strip (52 m)
  • United Arab Emirates (58 m)
  • Bahamas (66 m)
  • Qatar (94 m)
  • Maldives (103 m)
  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (113 m)
  • Saudi Arabia (118 m)
  • Malta (129 m)
  • Singapore (149 m)
hintegrundbild The United Nations definition of a nation under severe water stress is when its available annual per capita is less than 500 cubic meters. Today, the United Arab Emirates are far below this level. ("Arab Environment Future Challenges", 2008 Report of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development)