Integrity, exclusiveness and discretion are not only key words to describe our way of working but do represent our everyday proven passion. Cultural awareness is an important column of our philosophy guaranteeing the highest respect for our international clients and enabling cross cultural deals.

Ensuring the sustainability of our proposed assets is a fundamental responsibility of VIAPPIA. All our engagements are value-oriented and based on a clear business case.

VIAPPIA takes time to consider decisions and actions and observes appropriate confidentiality of client information. It is our aim to provide an individually adapted and comprehensive investment solution, even including management support of the assets for the first years of the investment. Our integrated advisory approach ensures that key questions do not remain mere concepts but rather concepts that are successfully implemented in partnership with our clients. We provide targeted support in implementing mergers & acquisitions and in some cases, in accordance with our clients we share the entrepreneurial risks and opportunities resulting from our proposed, handpicked investments.
Core elements of our approach are:
  • Strategic analysis of markets focused by VIAPPIA
  • Assessment of market players, general opportunities and risks
  • Identification of potential merger and acquisition candidates or assets
  • Implementation of due diligence
  • Development and evaluation of partnership and cooperation models
  • Negotiation of deals including legal support by our cooperation partners
  • Finalisation and legal support of national and international deals
  • Support during the post-deal-period including management of assets
Our support ensures maximum value for both buyers and sellers.